Sure, it was raining out, but a strange thing happened when St. Vincent’s concert on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was cancelled and moved indoors: The alternate venue, the Temple of Dendur, ended up seeming the perfect place for the launch of her new album, Strange Mercy. St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, was ready for the switch, in a long, black one-shoulder dress by Acne. “For indoors, I was going for a Helen of Troy look,” she said. “I mean, the guys were in suits, so I figured I’d better up my game.” This was her first museum show, as best she could recall. “I’ve played a lot of galleries,” she said. Having grown up near the Dallas Museum of Art, she has fond junior high school memories of going to see a Dan Flavin exhibition, but nothing quite so Egyptian. “I’m definitely an Abstract Expressionist kind of gal,” she said. The songs themselves, though, thick and gorgeous as they filled the temple during the glass-enclosed room’s view of the Central Park sunset, were more like Francis Bacon paintings, full of color and dark psychology. Meanwhile, Clark’s guitar on “Surgeon” was a technical tour de force, a seemingly hieroglyphic use of scales. When she sang the chorus of the title track, the sound vibrated the water ever so slightly in the large reflection pool, causing light to ripple on the walls. After the show, Clark’s mom, in town from Texas, remarked on the beauty of that effect. “She would notice something like that,” Clark said. “She’s a very ethereal person.” (X)

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